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Government cuts, funding shortfalls and the Olympics factor means you have to be ever more resourceful to keep the money coming in. Many organisations have already demonstrated great skill and creativity in coming up with innovative, interdisciplinary partnerships, to help them achieve greater impact and make their resources go further. You probably know your discipline and sector really well, but what about those other sectors and disciplines that you could be partnering with? What happens when you need to step outside those familiar boundaries? Finding the RIGHT partner to work with can be frustrating, expensive and time consuming. Managing partners’ expectations, maintaining a harmonious and cohesive relationship and sharing risks and rewards can bring additional problems. You need to find partners who:

·         Work at the right level to suit your needs – local, regional, national or international

·         Are effective and respected

·         Are on a sound financial footing

·         Can add value and bring additional resources (including funding)

For fifteen years now, advice2Go has been tracking UK and European organisations working across all disciplines of public life:

·         Arts & Culture (incl. Film, Performance, Visual, New Media, Music etc.)

·         Crime, Justice & Community Safety (including Domestic Violence, Offender Support)

·         Disability & Special Needs

·         Education (incl. Primary, Secondary, Integrated, 3rd Age, SEN & Lifelong Learning)

·         Employment (Skills Development & Equality Issues)

·         Energy (incl. Eco-Design & Construction, Renewables)

·         Enterprise (incl. Micro Enterprise & Finance, Rural Enterprise etc.)

·         Environment & Biodiversity (inc. Landscape, Rural Economies, Zoos etc.)

·         Health (Physical & Mental), including Care, Condition Specifics, Death & Bereavement.

·         Natural, Cultural & Built Heritage (incl. Museums, Libraries & General Leisure)

·         Housing (incl. Social Housing, Foyers, Residential Care etc.) & Homelessness

·         Human Rights (incl. Minority Rights, Gender Issues etc.)

·         Leisure & Tourism

·         Libraries & Museums

·         Regeneration

·         Social Welfare

·         Transport (incl. Green & Community Transport)

·         Waste Recycling

We have worked with clients in most of these disciplines. We have also initiated and managed successful, complex partnerships with organisations from a variety of these disciplines, working across the public, private and voluntary sectors, both within the UK and internationally. On one project in Hampshire, we managed the development of an interdisciplinary, multi-sector partnership, with fourteen partners representing community, biodiversity, tourism, traffic management and a host of other interests.

Our Partnermatch service can help you find and establish successful partnerships with the right organisations.

Our databases contain details of over 1800 second tier and umbrella membership organisations that can lead you quickly to many thousands of potential partners. They also contain other sources of independent advice, market intelligence and relevant policy information. We guarantee to check out leads before we pass them on to you. We take time to ensure that the organisations we recommend are right for you and are willing, in principle at least, to work in partnership with you. We give you a named contact to follow up. Most importantly, you retain anonymity until you approach them directly. We take the uncertainty out of finding the right organisations to work with and help you build a lasting relationship. Call us to find out how we can help you find the right partner.